Go caving in Western Australia!

If you live in or have visited the Southwest of Western Australia (WA), you may have noticed Ngilgi, Giants, Calgardup, Mammoth and Jewel caves.  Members of the public can pay a fee to go on a self-guided or a guided tour. If you’ve been into one of these caves, you may have been surprised by what you saw:

Cave on the Naturaliste Ridge Cave on the Naturaliste Ridge Cave on the Naturaliste Ridge

But these public-access caves are only a fraction of the caves on the Naturaliste Ridge. If you would like to explore more, read on!

In WA, to gain access to many of the beautiful caves that the public cannot go into, you need to join a club, such as Cavers Leeuwin Incorporated, or CLInc. CLInc is a not-for-profit club that is based around caving, and it has been operating for decades. Its members range in age from 10 years old up to 65+ years old.

Members of CLInc go caving on most weekends, and each trip is organised by a ‘trip leader’, who is a member of the club with experience in proper caving techniques, safety, first aid and conservation. Our trips are listed on a caving calendar, and once you are a member, you can sign up to the trips appropriate to your level of experience and off you go.

You don’t need to be an expert caver, you just need to be keen to get underground! We will show you all you need to know to have a safe and enjoyable adventure. Here are just a few of the beautiful cave formations you will see on a club trip:

CLInc holds monthly meetings (and pot luck dinners) at a member’s house in the Dunsborough/Margaret River area, and we welcome new members, or people who are just interested to come along and find out more.

Contact us is you are interested in going underground.